Rebel Gift Shop Case Study

January 03, 2024/1 minute reading
rocking the flockx logo

The Campaign

Flockx curated a bespoke billboard campaign for Rebel, strategically placing eye-catching visuals in key locations across Grand Rapids. The campaign's heart was to showcase Rebel's unique offerings, aligning with their brand ethos and the specific event they were hosting.

Execution & Outcome

Rebel's team was thrilled with the campaign's execution and insisted on giving us testimony for other fellow business owners to gain insight into the impactful results achieved.

"The billboard designs were not only visually stunning but perfectly encapsulated what our shop is all about. We saw an incredible uptick in visitors during our event, many of whom mentioned the billboards as their source of information." - says Lindsay Bruce

“It couldn’t have been easier to put together and advertise an event with FlockX, and it was our best open house yet!”

rocking the flockx logo

Rebel Gift Shop's experience is a testament to the effectiveness of well-crafted billboard campaigns in driving event success. Flockx's targeted approach not only raised awareness but also created memorable experiences for Rebel's customers.

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