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How to Become a Digital Nomad

July 28, 2022/2 minutes reading

We all have seen those social media posts with a pictures of someone with a laptop and a cocktail working by the beach and the hashtag #newoffice. These individuals who are known as digital nomads have a location free lifestyle that became even more popular after the Covid-19 pandemic as companies were more flexible on remote work policies. While the demand for remote jobs and digital nomad lifestyle is increasing, there are several things that will help you on getting started with your nomad journey!

A digital nomad in their natural habitat on the beach working.

The Nomad Mindset: Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Just like every other lifestyle the nomad life has its pros and cons. You will be away from family, face loneliness and most importantly will need to organize your schedule in a way that fits your goals and deadlines. Before you jump into this ‘cool’ way of living you need to make sure you are within that mindset. The HustleAM publications on Medium.com have explained it best: ”​​To become a digital nomad, you need to expect the unexpected.”

Find a Remote Job: Make Money Remotely

When it comes to finding a remote job, you should keep in mind that the majority of digital nomads are freelancers. Because of the obvious - flexibility! This does not mean you should prevent yourself from finding a remote job working for a company however if your intention is to stay for longer periods of time abroad that may become an issue.

As a starting point, it is important to identify your set of skills and create a professional resume or portfolio that focuses on the values you can add to the company you plan on working for. Once you have identified those, there are many resources for both remote jobs and freelancing gigs.

You can always find jobs by joining Slack communities such as Tribaja, or Facebook groups like Austin Digital Jobs as well!

The Right Location: Digital Nomad Cities

Let’s say you’ve landed your remote job and you are looking for the ideal spot to move. Depending on your personality and if you prefer a fast paced or slow paced nomading, you are location free now, so it is always great to explore your preferences. However as a first timer it is always good to start with destinations that already have a remote worker community. This will help you network, socialize and build some travel confidence. Some towns in the US are even incentivizing remote workers to move to their city for at least 1 year!

Some great destinations for first time nomads: Austin, Texas Tulsa, Oklahoma Tucson, Arizona Lisbon, Portugal Canary Islands, Spain Bali, Indonesia

There are many other destinations that have great digital nomad communities, yet you always need to consider the type of weather, food and time zone difference you find acceptable for your first digital nomad stop!

A beautiful waterfront image of Townlake in Austin, Texas

Austin, TX \\ Photography by MJ Tangonan

Digital Nomad Community

Becoming a digital nomad has got different dimensions to it but the most important thing is the community. Once you become a digital nomad, you are joining a growing community of people who love their freedom and love helping others in any way they can so make sure to enjoy the perks of being a part of this supportive and adventurous community!

There are many reasons you would want to become a digital nomad, yet it is important to prepare yourself with the right mindset, job and surround yourself with the right people!

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