How to Create Authentic Content as an Influencer

September 19, 2022/2 minutes reading
A female influencer digital nomad creating authentic content.

As an influencer, it’s important to create content that is authentic and resonates with your followers. In a world of social media clout & noise, people appreciate authenticity more than you might think.

Why Be Authentic?

People enjoy speaking about and relating things back to themselves. Creating authentic content gives people the opportunity to relate to you, sparking a connection that might not have been possible with clickbait material or simple promotional advertisements.

Exposing authenticity tells people that there is a real person behind the content you’re producing. By sticking to your values, or even admitting when you’re wrong, authenticity can help you earn trust with your followers. This transparency tells your followers you’re a person they can rely for engaging content.

While you maintain a consistent posting schedule and build up a following, your content won’t be great on social media until it starts displaying content that’s true to your personality and style. Authenticity gives potential followers the desire to stick around and follow.

How to Create Authentic Content?

Be Honest

Speak with honesty and transparency about yourself and the products you promote. This will show your followers you have nothing to hide. That will help them make more informed decisions, while you’ll build your credibility.

Share behind-the-scenes videos from your daily life. Give testimonials regarding personal experiences in your day to day or the products you are invested in. The more human you appear the more likely you are to maintain followers.

Many people know that the web is full of potential scams. To prove that you’re interested in delivering the best value, you need to share informational, and educational content about yourself or your products. Try delivering value in every single post you produce.

Another female influencer digital nomad creating authentic content.

Engage with Your Community

Engaging with your audience is a key aspect to building credibility, and showcasing your authenticity. Participate with your followers to build relationships and promote your content as authentic material on social media. It will serve as proof that you’re a trustworthy influencer.

Answer your followers’ comments, and respond to direct messages, participate by liking status updates and mentions, or your credibility might suffer. Whenever a potential follower asks you something, do your best to provide an authentic unique response.

Elevate and promote posts that are relevant to your target audience and engage them by asking open-ended questions. This is a good way to get feedback on your content and increase engagement on your socials.

A great way to create authentic content is by sharing images and videos created by your followers using your products or mentioning you and showcasing them on your social media.

A male influencer digital nomad creating authentic content outside.

Bring Value to Your Followers

Make sure that your social media content is entertaining or valuable to your audience. That will spur their interest and get them to like or follow your social media page. This doesn’t mean use high budget video recording software or massive amounts of editing, but make sure you look like you care about what you are producing.

Don’t be too pushy as an influencer, followers may back away and divest. Try creating 70% of your posts that provide information or value, while the remaining 30% be self-promotional.

It’s important to your followers that they know you are genuine. It shows that your content aligns with your voice, and not taking a clickbait sales approach to your content generation. Remember, one false claim or an ingenuine post can damage credibility. It’s important you stick to your guns and produce valued content.

A camera focused on a women creating content in the background.

What Do You Stand For?

Ultimately, people want solutions to their problems and by being an authentic source of information and a resource in their lives they will stick around to find out what you think. This is the key to ultimately building a social following, helping others, being true to yourself, and making the world a better place for everyone.

So before your next post on social media ask yourself, “What do I stand for?”

A women smiling to a camera for authentic content.