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The New flockx platform - Explore, Discover & Connect

September 20, 2022/2 minutes reading

Small content creators have a tremendous impact on local businesses, as well as influence on their own audience.

With a growing customer demand for businesses to be authentic, influencer marketing provides businesses with the means to reach and engage audiences in ways which are meaningful and relevant to them.

We want to help drive real customers and connections through creative content and genuine reviews.

We've Made a Pivot

After months of hard work, feature releases and feedback from the community, we’ve made a pivot and streamlined our product offering.

As a platform, we’re repackaging our core functionality to align with our new mobile app experience. We’re focused on helping digital nomads and their communities, connecting individuals and encouraging shared experiences.

We’ve added tools specifically that help you connect with the communities you love more efficiently and share experiences with others. We’re focusing on enabling you to:

  • Discover communities and business that align with your values
  • Grow your following and community
  • Make money off your content
  • Access unique experiences from your local community

The Platform to Discover and Make Meaningful Connections.

The flockx platform gives you the tools to monetize your knowledge through creative content, discover new places and unique adventures, and plug into local communities that matter to you.

As you share your unique experiences within the mobile app, you can leverage the flockx platform to gain access to unique insights about your content, your communities and discover and connect with businesses that align with your values.

With this matchmaking capability, you have more opportunity to share unique experiences that truly resonate with your favorite communities, and help you discover individuals and businesses like you.

We’re here to change the face of authentic and personal connections.

Monetize Your Knowledge

With the new flockx mobile app, content creators use their creativity and local knowledge to create recommendations for local businesses. Businesses can reward creators for impactful content: from unique experiences, to exclusive discounts, to direct payments for all new customers you influence.

Within the Platform, you can discover new businesses to partner with, review what rewards are being offered, and how you could benefit by partnering and promoting the business.

Initially we plan to reward content creators every time a user completes a specific action related to the ‘Fetch’.

If you have any creative ideas for rewards, we’d love to hear from you!

Personalized Matchmaking

We enable content creators, communities and businesses to discover one another based on alignment of personal values. Our early conversations and research have reiterated the fact - people want to partner and work with people who truly resonate with them. This helps create better relationships, more impactful content, and leads to new genuine experiences and new authentic connections.

As you search businesses, we will show businesses that align with your values and you can see what characteristics are common both to you and to them. You can also see the values and characteristics of the audience of that business so you can make a decision to see whether their audience aligns with your values too.

Access Unique Experiences From Your Local Community

Find and discover communities that align with your personal interests, full of people who align with you.

By joining communities of shared interests with people like you, you can discover unique experiences that you can join, and make new connections with people like you.

Ready to Dive in Further?

If you want to capture unique experiences for the communities you love, in the location you are, so that you can meet more friends, and help the local community, then sign up and create an account on the new flockx platform.

We’re excited to have you join us on our journey.

Join the Action?

If you’re ready to connect and have a good time let us know.