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Zilker Brewing

June 19, 2022/2 minutes reading
A display of several chilled Zilker Brewery beers

Austin, TX - a thriving city that evokes a cornucopia of emotions. Whether you’re in the city for pleasure or business, there is a sense of spiritedness which captures everyone’s imagination and attention.

Capturing the zeitgeist of the city is no easy task but there are a few local businesses which do manage to capture the spirit of Austin and offer it back as an act of libation. We are indeed referring to Austin’s breweries. Amongst Austin’s many favorite brewskies is one which has been impressing even the most discerning beer aficionados out there - that would be Zilker Brewery.

The exterior of the Zilker Brewery in a cool evening glow

Established downtown in a brewing district, Zilker underlines the innovation and sense of community you are looking for in Austin’s beverage scene. What you might not know is that Zilker began in 2008 in a garage and today it has evolved into an experience for the local community. Binding the community with good food and beer, Zilker is a daily pilgrimage for beer lovers in Austin willing to wet their beards regardless of day and time.

Location wise it has a huge indoor and outdoor seating area with enough space to pack a crowd. If you have family and friends looking for a picnic table seating and keen to dive into the local beer culture, you can bring them to Zilker to have a good time. Nestled within the location is its industrial level brewing equipment that captures the art of beer brewing to perfection. If you ever catch yourself wondering how beer is made, Zilker offers you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

Zilker brewery interior with a laborer crafting their delicious beer

IPAs, stouts, lager, pale ale, seasonal beer - you name it, Zilker has it. There is a spectrum of beer varieties you can drink your way through. The seasonal beers often include collaborations with other local breweries and restaurants and can be found at other businesses in the downtown area. If the beer was not a reason enough, Zilker has a food truck which sells Spicy boy’s fried chicken - an instant dopamine hit for your mouth and your stomach.

The wise men said one must go with the flow in life. Beer is in many ways one of the simplest pleasures in life and we should not deny ourselves this pleasure. After all Plato did say “he was a wise man who invented beer” and we agree. So would Homer Simpson and so would Zilker. Beer has never been more popular than it is now and if you are looking for a microcosm of beer lovers in Austin, you can find them at Zilkers.

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