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Release Notes


Features added
  • Video intelligence added to media and video uploads. All videos posted to the database result in automatic video tagging via the Google Cloud Video API. The generated tags will be available in the metadata associated with the video
  • Quest recommendations are now available via: /my/quests/?recommendations=true This matches quests to the twin based on the twin’s individual tags and how they align with the tags associated with each individual quest
  • New endpoint /quests/cities returns a list of cities of all quests (supplier cities)
  • New filter - ?city filter available on /my/quests/ and /quests to sort quests by supplier city
  • Stripe integration to facilitate to subscriptions
  • New premium tier launched and upgrade available within the dashboard
  • Auth0 user avatar automatically saved as user/twin profile picture if no image already exists
  • API token reintroduced into Platform dashboard


  • The previously released method of searching for similar twins has been updated to the the new method of: /my/twins/?recommendations=true This fixes the issue of exposing private tags
  • The dashboard landing page has been updated to reflect the new brand changes, and simplified to a login / sign up page. Visit https://app.flockx.io to see the changes


Features added

  • Find similar / related twins via new endpoint filter: /twins/?twin_similarity=TWIN-ID This returns all public twins that closely match the given twin UUID in the URL. Matching is done via collaborative filtering based on name, description and personality tags (with 3x weight given to tags) This can be combined with all previously available filters too.
  • New filters available:
    • ‘nearby’ - /?nearby=COORDINATES will return a result within 10 miles of the given coordinates
    • ‘is_business’ - will return only twins that are registered as a business or service provider


Features added
  • Communities are now available (currently internally generated). You can join or leave a community via a custom action on the /my/twin/ endpoint.
  • The new community model includes image (optional), name, description and a list of members (twins).
  • Each quest can be associated with a community. A quest can only be associated with one community at a time.
  • New filters - you can sort quests by community, supplier, or original creator of quest (owned_by).
  • Revenue information available to owner of quests, including total revenue from all quests, and total revenue for each individual quest.
  • Added elastic search to platform
  • New UI available on Platform to align with our new pivot. Initial Discovery Map launched.


Features added
  • GeoJson content type added to twins and quests allowing map rendering of data.
  • Updated access to resources via URL structure:
    • To access and read publically available resource available, you can query the url directly via: /resource/
    • To make any changes to a resource, you need to access the resource via the new url structure: /my/resource/ You can only make changes or updates to resources you own, or have permission to modify
  • The old trusted twins model has now been deprecated. You can view any trusted by querying the /twins/ directly and they will be displayed in the 'connections' attribute.
  • The previous location model has now been deprecated - you can access location data directly through querying the /twins/ or /quests/ directly


Features added
  • Permissions enabled across resources to enable public data sharing
  • Trusted Twins - ability to add / remove trusted twins to / from your own network,
  • Static Locations (Twins) - display static location of a twin
  • Token now fixed - the portal generates a token that doesn’t expire
  • Added /my/ field to baseball card and timeline to enable querying of public and individual records


Features added
  • Memories endpoint to allow collection of data (text, video, image) to help train model of the twin
  • Events endpoint to add custom events to timeline
  • Timeline endpoint added provides a chronological log of a twin’s activity incl memories
  • Baseball card - initial attributes to model the preferences of a twin - currently incl Dietary, Monetary, and Lifestyle
  • Add /my/ field to assets, quests, and tasks to enable querying of public and individual resources
Known Issues
  • The access token is returning ‘null’ from the portal


Features added
  • Alpha release of Developer Platform


Features added
  • Name field added to Images / Videos / Asset models
  • Query parameters (name & category) added to Asset endpoint
  • Images attribute updated to enable secure url


Features added
  • Images / Video endpoints added
  • Memories endpoint added
  • Tasks / Quests endpoints added


Features added
  • First version of Fetch API documentation released
  • Access token now accessible from dashboard UI

v0.6.0 - 04/28/22

Features added
  • Platform dashboard now published online and accessible publicly at: https://app.flockx.io. This includes the most up to date changes
  • Initial draft of release notes published documenting high level overview of features added, improvements/bug fixes, known issues, and breaking changes (ongoing document)
  • Initial draft of glossary of terms used in developer platform published
Known Issues
  • The published site is not connecting to the backend so when you login it cannot fetch the organization details and child properties
  • The published site still circumvents the developer flow for now, only showing the vendor registration flow (see previous release known issues)

v0.5.2 - 04/21/22

Features added
  • New pathway (user flow) for vendor(s) added straight after login
  • Business details capture for vendors
  • Room (asset) management for vendor(s)
  • Add new room
  • Add/remove room facilities
  • New login page added
  • Currently, the developer pathway is obscured via the new vendor pathway; you cannot access the developer flow without completing the vendor registration flow (this is temporary whilst the vendor flow is being worked on and is expected to be updated by May 2nd, 2022)

v0.5.1 - 04/14/22

Features added
  • The ability to manage cars as an asset for the digital twin including:
  • Lookup car via number plate lookup (US NY only)
  • Add / remove car(s)
  • Update car details
  • The ability to manage active task(s) assigned to an active digital twin within the parking protocol including:
  • Add new supply task (find parking spot within given parameters)
  • Add new demand task (find parking spot within given parameters)
  • Updated API endpoints published in developer platform documentation

v0.5.0 - 04/07/22

Features added
  • Twin management
  • Add / delete new twin
  • Update (change name) twin
  • Organization management
  • Update default organization
  • Automatic context switching (when you add a new organization, it automatically changes the active organization to the the newly created organization)

v0.x.x - 03/31/22

Features added
  • Organization management
  • Add new organization
  • Update (change name) organization