Success Story: Building Community Through Art

October 05, 2023/1 minute reading
rocking the flockx logo

Bittersweet is the closing of yet another ArtPrize, but we here at flockx are heartened as we remember the success of the event. Not just for the winners of the contest, but for everyone who attended; anyone who joined communities of art lovers and enthusiasts, anyone who participated in live or interactive exhibitions such as Howard Wright’s “Paint the Calder,” wherein guests were invited to participate in a larger than life paint-by-numbers. Anyone who made a new friend, anyone who purchased a piece of artwork from a budding artist such as the lovely Pia Lu, or anyone who simply was inspired by a single work of art or multiple works of art.

Celebrating Community Spirit

In the heart of ArtPrize, we witnessed the power of communities coming together. From vibrant discussions in our Art Lovers community to real-time updates on featured exhibits in the ArtPrize community, we've seen how shared interests create bonds that extend beyond the event. Building these communities isn't just about sharing a passion for art; it's about connecting with like-minded individuals, fostering creativity, and creating lasting memories.

The Flockx Commitment

As the official mobile partner of ArtPrize, flockx helped promote the art community and many other communities. We want to take a moment to express our gratitude for being a part of this incredible journey. Our commitment to being the go-to app for finding the best experiences your community has to offer remains steadfast. Change is on the horizon, with new features and improvements coming to the app, but our core mission remains unchanged - connecting people to the heart of their communities.

Looking Ahead | A Flockx Mobile App Update

The success of ArtPrize is a testament to the beauty of connection and collaboration. As we reflect on the inspiration, friendships, and art that unfolded during this event, we're fueled with excitement for the future. Stay tuned for the incredible changes coming to the flockx mobile app – enhancements designed to make your community exploration even more vibrant and engaging.

Thank you for being a part of the flockx community. Together, let's continue to celebrate the richness of community life and uncover the best experiences our communities have to offer.