We Care About Community

Meet the team, and discover our passion for community.

Our Vision

Our vision at Flockx is to foster vibrant, sustainable communities through personalized connections. We aim to be the Social GPS that guides people to the communities and experiences they love, seamlessly linking local businesses and individuals with their ideal counterparts, enriching lives and strengthening the social fabric.

People playing basketball in a community
People watching the sunset in a canyon.

The Mission

Our mission is to organize local community activity by connecting members with local events and shared experiences, answering the essential question "What's happening in my community?" We aim to deepen your ties with the local communities (flocks) you love.

Meet The Team

  • Humayun Sheikh
    Humayun Sheikh
  • Devon Bleibtrey
    Devon Bleibtrey
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Losey
    Mark Losey
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Jason Coleman
    Jason Coleman
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Josh Raizon
    Josh Raizon
    Executive Vice President of Community
  • Emely Sanchez
    Emely Sanchez
    People Operations
  • Warren Bertram
    Warren Bertram
    Growth Designer
  • Saleem Skakeny
    Saleem Skakeny
    Product Design & Strategic Planning
  • Andrew Riefenstahl
    Andrew Riefenstahl
    Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta
    Frontend Engineer
  • Hailey Zhang
    Hailey Zhang
    User Experience Designer
  • David Roberts
    David Roberts
    Frontend Engineer