New Communities Just Added

March 03, 2023/2 minutes reading
Ski, Snowboard and Dog lovers

Your community is your crew. The people you hang with, do stuff with, explore with and enjoy life with. That's why we are broadening flockx' horizon by adding more communities to be a part of. Download the app or make sure you have the latest update and start finding your community of like-minded individuals wherever you go. From the Dog Days of Summer to Ski Slopes in the Winter.

Purrfectly Pet-Friendly

Looking for pet-friendly places to visit, stay, and explore? Join this community and find out where you can go to spend time with your furry friend and explore the best local attractions. Don't limit yourself and join the Purrfectly Pet-Friendly community.

Ski Bums

Skiers socialize on and off the slope. With flockx' community of ski bums, you can connect with other skiers near you and visit nearby activities. It doesn't have to be winter for the skiers here, explore the great spots across the city you're in and socialize with other skiers.

Backcountry Boarders

Every snowboarder knows that for the best pow, you've got to get to the backcountry. Join flockx' Backcountry Boarders community to meet fellow snowboarders and explore nearby hangouts any time of the year.

Laugh Lovers

Losing yourself in a good laugh with good company is the best cure for any ailment. Meet the laughter-loving flockx community and laugh together at local comedy shows, improv shows, and other funny events. Wherever the laughter turns up, be the first to know.

Food Truck Fanatics

Fresh ingredients, fun ideas, and a good atmosphere. What more could you want in a food truck? Join flockx' Food Truck Fanatics community to explore local eateries and enjoy great food at lunch, dinner, or any time of day or night. Don't you love being hungry?

Second Hand Society

Are vintage clothes, furniture and other antiques always in fashion for you? The Second Hand Society community is for you, so that you can find your second-hand treasures. Find and hang out with like-minded shopaholics and explore the best second-hand stores around town.

Here at flockx, we are dedicated to building the number one app for finding activities with your community in real-time. We are continually striving to improve our app and add popular communities. If you have suggestions for our next community please email us at and we'll be sure to put you on the list. Thanks for being a flockx user!