Get Active

May 09, 2023/1 minute reading
paddle boarding on town lake

At flockx, we believe that sharing and discovering exciting activities is at the heart of building vibrant communities. That's why we've made some improvements to our activity posting flow, making it easier than ever for you to post the latest happenings in your community.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of posting activities on flockx, ensuring that your community's excitement reaches a wider audience.

Step 1: Find the Big Purple Plus Sign Icon:

To get started, open the flockx mobile app and locate the big purple plus sign icon. This is your gateway to posting activities and engaging with your community. Tap on it to begin the activity posting flow.

Step 2: Select the Community:

Once you've tapped on the plus sign, you'll be presented with a list of communities. Search for your community and select the one in which the activity is taking place. This helps ensure that your activity reaches the right audience who share your interests.

Step 3 (Optional): Add a Description:

Next, you have the option to write a description for your activity. This is a great opportunity to provide more details, such as the date, time, location, or any special instructions. A well-crafted description will help boost your post to attract more people and generate excitement around your activity.

Step 4: Share the Excitement:

After selecting the community and adding a description (if desired), simply hit the "Post" button, and voila! Your activity is now live on flockx for others to discover and engage with and you can share a link to your activity with your friends and family. Be ready for the influx of interest and the opportunity to connect with fellow community members.

Posting activities on flockx has never been easier with our improved activity posting flow. By following these simple steps - finding the big purple plus sign, selecting the community, and optionally adding a description - you can effectively share the excitement of your community's activities with a wider audience. So, don't hesitate to jump into the app, click that plus sign, and let your community thrive with the buzz of shared experiences.

Remember, the more activities you post, the more vibrant and engaging your community becomes. Let's continue building connections and exploring together on flockx!

Happy posting!