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Meet Devin Bridgelall & Graziella Buitron

April 04, 2023/2 minutes reading
Devin Bridgelall and Graziella Buitron, the flockx intern team.

Meet the Team

flockx is proud to have Devin Bridgelall and Graziella Buitron as valuable members of our team. As interns, they have made tremendous growth since joining our organization and we are excited to highlight their accomplishments. The team at flockx has found it fun to work with Devin and Graziella as they have been supportive, accommodating, and welcoming to everyone. Their dedication and enthusiasm have made them a great addition to the flockx team.

Devin Bridgelall

What attracted you to the position? Why did you want the internship?

I heard about the position as a Community Developer Intern with flockx.io through Career services at Austin Community College and was immediately attracted to it. It was offering an opportunity to work in the competitive field, allowing me to gain experience and insight on tech start ups while exploring the City of Austin. It is the perfect fit for both my career and personal life.

In what way(s) has this experience impacted you?

Through flockx.io, I have been able to discover Austin in a new way and connect to more individuals since I am still not an original "Austinian". I was able to see all aspects of what it takes to create an app, all moving pieces to it from marketing and logistics to development and coding.

According to you, what is the best thing about working at flockx?

I will say that my favorite part, aside from constantly learning, has to be the team! Everyone has been supportive, accommodating and welcoming. They help clarify with compassion and always have your best interest in mind. They are always willing to make the time no matter how busy they are. Great environment for exposure and real world learnings.

Graziella Buitron

What attracted you to the position? Why did you want the internship?

When I came across the internship opportunity at flockx, I was immediately drawn to the combination of responsibilities involved in the role. I was excited about getting the chance to explore Austin more often and this seemed like the perfect first internship opportunity for me that wasn't overwhelmingly technical. Additionally, the fact that flockx is a startup company in its early stages was appealing to me. I always wanted to experience getting to work in an innovative and fast-paced environment.

In what way(s) has this experience impacted you?

This experience has impacted me by giving me more confidence in my ability to apply the skills and knowledge I have learned in the classroom to a professional setting. Working alongside experienced professionals also made me more enthusiastic about developing and enhancing my skillset.

According to you, what is the best thing about working at flockx?

In my opinion, the best parts about working at flockx are the collaborative work environment, the absence of a rigid hierarchy in the company culture, and the team! Everyone that I have had the opportunity to work with here has been super knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.

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