Rebranding to flockx

November 07, 2022/2 minutes reading
The new and improved flockx mobile app!

We are excited to announce that we have changed our name from Fetch AI app to flockx.

We wanted to thank everyone for their support and feedback. We’ve had a great time connecting with you, building our community, and listening to your suggestions and ideas. Today we wanted to share more details on our rebrand as well as a few exciting things we've got planned for the coming weeks!

Why the name change?

Well, for starters we're incredibly excited about the direction of our ecosystem and are convinced that this is the right move for us. As we look to the future we believe that the most important thing we can do is build a technology that empowers people and communities to create meaningful connections and achieve so much more together. By empowering people to form communities based on common interests and goals we hope to help them create more meaningful experiences online and offline.

In order to reflect this concept, our values and the wider mission, we decided to change our brand name to flockx pronounced “Flocks”. The idea behind the name flockx stems from the idea of flocks of birds, their beauty in nature and the way they fly together in a murmuration. In fact when birds are in a murmuration they feel more safe, have a sense of belonging and are more confident in the ways of exploring, allowing each member to be more than just itself. We thought that this metaphor fits well with our vision to empower people and form communities around common interests and goals - showcasing that communities & groups can experience more together.

Why is this important?

Well, at a fundamental level we need to have a clear identity that reflects our mission and values as a technology platform and the communities we support. We believe that the change is necessary in order to make sure that everything we do is focused on creating the best experience for our community members and providing the highest quality services that we can offer. It also helps us differentiate ourselves from the Network as we move forward on our own journey and to stand on our own feet as the flockx team.

What else should we know about flockx?

We have some great new features coming out over the next few weeks that will make a big impact on our community including how experiences are found locally and while traveling. With short-video content from hidden gems in Austin and around the United States, flockx is the place to discover and share experiences that matter to you the most. We offer a mobile-first community engagement solution to help organize events and bring people together no matter where they are. And lastly, we will be launching our platform so that community leaders everywhere can build their own experiences and share them with others through our ecosystem.

What will happen to the Fetch AI Network?

The Network will be unaffected by this migration, everything can still be accessed relating to the FET token and network through their site.