Find Your Local Community, Globally

October 17, 2022/1 minute reading

We all have that one thing we want to do in our spare time when visiting a new city. Maybe you want to enjoy the local music scene, beer-drinking hot spots, or indulge in delicious food. Every place we travel to has something unique to offer. Discovering and pursuing those activities with locals and like-minded individuals creates amazing experiences. However, finding a community of like-minded individuals in a new city can be a challenge.

Social media fills the gap when reaching out to diverse communities of like-minded people. However, how many Facebook or WhatsApp groups do you need to maintain to keep this up?

How does the flockx mobile app help you find your global community, locally?

flockx works by plugging you into the local scene. Letting you experience a city the best way possible, through word-of-mouth recommendations made by local community leaders and experts. They know the best spots and hidden gems for travelers and have a wealth of knowledge regarding events, meet-ups, and community projects in their area.

flockx is looking to fill this gap, helping you connect to global communities at the local level. The app is only available for download in the US as we continue to release updates and build the initial communities in Austin.