Devon Bleibtrey: Leading the Generative AI Revolution giving a speech

Building Social GPSTo Disrupt Loneliness

Pioneering Networks of Local Communities

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Bring the Future of AI to your audience with Devon Bleibtrey

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Bring the Future of AI to your audience with Devon Bleibtrey

With a rich legacy in digital start-ups and a Computer Science degree from Central Michigan University, Devon stands at the forefront of the AI revolution.

As the CEO of Flockx, he's championing a movement where AI meets community building, reshaping how individuals connect. Helping people find real world places where the people they want to be friends with are at right now.

Devon Bleibtrey smiling and laughing while discussing generative AI with people.
The Flockx Logo Which Is Devon Bleibtrey Company That Is leveraging Generative AI

Innovating With Flockx

As a community-based platform dedicated to seamlessly connecting individuals with others who share their interests organically at places they hang out, our cutting-edge AI tools for engagement ensure that Flockx leads the way in transformative connectivity and local engagement.

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Devon, a prominent figure in AI, is more than a leader and a dynamic speaker. His talks meaningfully weave technical knowledge with real-world relevance, captivating and inspiring audiences.

Be at the Forefront of the AI Revolution.

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Devon's insights into AI are unparalleled. A true visionary!



With flockx, Devon is reshaping how we think about building community. It's revolutionary

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