Getting Started with Your AI Sidekick

May 16, 2024/2 minutes reading

Let's Begin

Welcome to your new journey with Flockx! As we gear up to make the most of the AI Sidekick, here are some essential insights to help you get started.

What is the AI Sidekick?

The goal of the AI Sidekick is to help you live your best life. It is an AI model (dataset) personalized to you, built on web3 technology that enables you to own the AI and build wealth from what you train it with. Sidekicks are designed to enhance your life and your connectivity within your friends, family, and community, enabling you to spend more time enjoying life instead of planning it.

Flockx - Connecting with like-minded people

What can the AI Sidekick do for Me?

Your AI Sidekick is designed to seamlessly integrate into your social life by helping you fulfill your life objectives and connect with like-minded individuals or groups in your local area. It learns from each interaction, continuously refining its recommendations. This means you have a partner who is focused on helping you have the best life possible.

Your Sidekick helps with:

  • Planting, nurturing, and growing relationships with friends, teams, and flocks
  • Simplify connection with the local communities you care about helping you find hangouts, activities, news, and gossip
  • Build physical communities and its culture
  • Learn from you about your goals, likes, dislikes, and relationships to always be there for you
  • Identifies signals to monitor your social health and provides nudges on ways to improve it

Getting Started: Set Your Goals, Passions, and Flocks

It all starts with sharing your goals, passions, flocks, and values then plugging your AI into your existing groups. If you don’t have any yet, that’s okay! Your Sidekick will help you discover what groups around you are doing so you can check things out.

By sharing your short-term and long-term goals, social circles, and personal interests enables your Sidekick to proactively and autonomously work behind the scenes, all without needing direct prompts from you. It finds ways to help you maintain a healthy social life where you can flourish and focus on what truly matters to you.

"Interactions with your Sidekick will allow it to evolve and serve you better."

When adding your Sidekick to a group it will work to coordinate gatherings, activities, check-ins, and build stronger relationships.

AI Sidekick Features

Starting Your Conversation

You will receive a welcome text from a number ending in “0312,” which is your direct line to your AI Sidekick. Feel free to share your interests and preferences openly - remember, the data you share is yours, and privacy is our top priority!

Things To Keep In Mind

As you begin your journey with your AI Sidekick, you'll play a key role in shaping its understanding. Initially, it may require some guidance to fully grasp your needs, but with your input, it will quickly learn how to serve you better. Together, you and your Sidekick will create a seamless and effective partnership.

Response Time

Your Sidekick works with other members of the community to discover things and to get personalized recommendations when possible. This means more humanistic than robotic response times, so don’t be surprised if the response time feels more like texting with a friend who sets down their phone sometimes rather than a chat bot.


  • /secret - Private information you don’t want your sidekick to share with others

  • /dontforget - Important dates, names, and information you never want your AI to forget and to help you remember

  • /calendar - Add events and tasks to your calendar for your Sidekick to be aware of when coordinating

  • /feedback - Share your thoughts and suggestions

Alpha Version Notice

Please note that as this is an Alpha version, some responses may not be accurate. Rest assured, the more you use your AI Sidekick, the better it will become at providing you with tailored responses.

Disclaimer: For our Alpha Launch, please be aware that Flockx team members may monitor interactions to refine and improve the functionalities and responses of your AI Sidekick.